I have been using Prelief for the last 17 years and it’s awesome. I can get away with eating at restaurants without having to watch every single ingredient if I just have 2-3 prelief tablets with my food.

The only problem is that Prelief is only easily available in the US and in the UK and Europe and Asia it can only be ordered online on sites like amazon.

It’s also quite expensive.It would be interesting to know if anyone has found a prelief substitute.

Elmiron also works really well; though I had to stop taking it because of a side effect.

All these IC meds are quite expensive and I have heard first hand accounts of poor patients in India  who are unable to afford them  when I go to India to visit my family every year.

I do hope that pharma companies come up with a more reasonably priced alternative since it’s quite shocking to think that a lot of poor IC patients have no choice but to bear the pain since they cannot afford expensive medication like Elmiron and prelief.








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