Coffee Substitute,mayonnaise substitute


  • For those of  you who can’t live without ketchup or mayonnaise try making some at home  without adding vinegar since vinegar is a strict no no and mayonnaise and ketchup that retail at stores have vinegar.So I am going to try and substitute the mayonnaise and ketchup from stores with home made ketchup and mayonnaise.Hummus , sour cream tzatziki  are also great as sides and dips and they are IC friendly.
  • I know I pine for Coffee especially after taking meds that make me really drowsy. I find that when I don’t take my meds ( Hydroxyzine and  Amitriptyline) I can’t sleep very well because of the pain and when I do take them I feel very drowsy the next day and find it very difficult to absorb things. This is where being able to have coffee would be a great help  but coffee isn’t good for IC.So I have been looking for coffee substitutes and I  found the  following substitutes. Have only tried Bambu and  Rooibos and I prefer Rooibos.

red expresso rooibos coffee alternativewhole earth coffee alternativebambu  coffee substitute

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