IC menu options-part 1


Pasta Carbonara

Pasta with green pesto sauce ( you can make a nice basil pesto at home leaving out the chilli)

Pasta with 4 cheese sauce

Mushroom risotto ( leave out the wine from the risotto)

Mushroom pesto pasta

Chesnut pesto pasta

Pasta with saffron sauce

Pasta with  pan fried spinach balls

Indian ( all Indian dishes can be made IC friendly and cooked without chilli)

However try and make the masala from scratch as store bought  Indianmasala will have chilli in it.Also use very little tomato just for taste even if the recipe says that you have to use a lot.


Palak Paneer

Sag Aloo

Black Dal

Channa Masala

Methi chicken

Chicken Korma

Lebanese/Middle eastern

Falafel ( without chilli)

Any kebab ( without chilli)

Vine Leaves


Sweet corn chicken soup

Dim sums

Fried Rice

Spring Rolls

Sweet and sour chicken ( have prelief as contains vinegar)

Salad dressings and sauces




Guacamole ( without chilli homemade)

Basil pesto sauce ( homemade without chilli)

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