Our Aims

To pool in our resources relating to  unused non prescription supplements- Very often IC(Interstitial Cystitis) patients  order a new non- prescription  herbal or other supplement only to find that they have a flare- up with that particular supplement.

Reactions to Interstitial Cystitis differ from person to person and the same supplement which causes a flare- up  in one patient may cause a remarkable improvement in another.We aim to build a network whereby opened supplements which one patient is not responding well to can be passed on to another who may want to try it rather than disposing it off.

To have a comprehensive database  of  doctors and medical centres in different countries and the prices at which they are conducting  treatments such as pelvic floor trigger point therapy, botox, bladder instillations, ayurvedic medicine,chinese medicine,acupuncture and stem cell therapy so that patients throughout the world can make an informed decision about where they want  to get treated and which treatment they want to opt for.We welcome inputs in this regard from IC patients  in different countries.

Visiting Patient Support-Very often patients need to travel to a different country or parts of the same country to gain access to the best possible treatment in IC. Hospital and other costs can add up to staggering figures. We hope that IC patients  living in the particular host city can help visiting patients set up meetings with doctors , find affordable accommodation or help in any other way possible to ease the stay of the visiting patient.

Support Group UK- We are based in London,UK and  organise meetups  in London  for IC (Interstitial Cystitis) sufferers.We visit parks,museums, cinemas and explore new areas. We share  our cystitis experiences and support each other  but also  explore and make the most of what London  has to offer. Visiting patients from other countries are also welcome  to join us in our cultural excursions. We welcome suggestions on cultural or outdoor activities and are also open to organizing  excursions  in other UK cities.

Meet IC Patients from across the globe-   An IC patient from Australia visiting China  can meet each other and offer a fresh perspective on IC and life in a particular country  through this society.